X Games Aspen

The 2023 X Games Aspen is on live from Buttermilk on ABC as I write this. It’s been snowing hard during the X Games which started here Aspen in 2002. It’s been absolutely snowing the whole time since the X Games started yesterday. We’ve had one great start to our winter season with record snow here in Aspen and Snowmass.

The Aspen X Games is like a three ring circus. Buttermilk Mountain is our beginner ski area that is transformed every X Games into the venue to host the best of the best. The developers of Buttermilk in 1959 built it because Aspen Mountain was too hard to teach new skiers. They would’ve never imagined that the X games with the world’s best winter athletes would have been held on their beloved, beginner mountain. They would’ve never believed that it would be shown to the world on color television at night under lights. The X games is a scene with DJs and musical performers, beer, gardens, and food. 40,000 spectators can watch from the bottom looking straight up the super pipe. Buttermilk base area just went through a $27 million facelift which was completed right before the X games.

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